Food Safety

Microbiology support in all aspects of new food product development
Training and advice in food safety
Design and implementation of appropriate food safety management systems to satisfy UK food safety legislation
Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP)
Safer Food, Better Business
Food product stability testing, Water Activity (Aw), shelf life and microbiological challenge testing
Storage requirements and 'use-by' dates
Predictive modelling of bacterial growth in food.

When developing new food products it is important to be in control of those stages of the manufacturing process which are essential to the safety and stability of the final product.  Food safety legislation requires that these critical control points are identified, monitored and recorded as part of a food safety management system appropriate for the product being manufactured.


Microbiology Consulting offers microbiology support across all aspects of new product development from comprehensive laboratory testing for foodborne pathogens, measurement of water activity (Aw) and shelf-life analysis to development of food safety management systems and assistance in meeting the requirements of UK food safety legislation.


When you've had that fantastic recipe idea make sure your next call is to Microbiology Consulting.  Our microbiology experts can help you ensure the food product is manufactured safely, has a robust preservative mechanism and meets the requirements of UK food safety legislation.  We can assist you with all aspects of microbiological laboratory analysis and development of a food safety management system including Safer Food, Better Business and HACCP.


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