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We have worked with journalists and media professionals in a variety of formats from authoritative articles in the print and broadcast news media through to popular science articles and television series.  At Microbiology Consulting we have experience of working with the media in larger projects both in a scientific advisory capacity and 'front of camera'.


You can check out our show reel below and on our You Tube Channel.


Engaging & interactive microbiology talks for groups, clubs, societies and schools


We are available to deliver interactive talks in microbiology tailored to suite any age range or prior scientific knowledge for groups of 10 - 100s.  Talks can be delivered at your local venue and include interactive activities to reveal the hidden world of the microbes. Talks suitable for a general audience interested in science include the 'science behind the 5 second rule' and the science behind the TV series Grime Scene Investigation.

Grime Scene Investigation was an eight part television series broadcast on BBC3. In each episode Professor Hilton and his team of scientists in their mobile laboratory would visit a member of the public to reveal the hidden world of microbes living in, on and around them.  You can view the episodes on our YouTube channel below.  If you want to arrange a lecture on the microbiology behind Grime Scene please contact us.

Check out Anthony's Guardian Science Weekly podcast here in his mission to educate the public about germs. How are food poisoning bugs spread around the home? How many household germs are truly dangerous? Can we really build up our immunity by not being hygienic?

Have you ever worried about how many bacterial ‘nasties’ are lurking on the buttons of cash machines, pelican-crossings and railings in public places? What about on the bus, train or in your car? And then of course there are those bugs in your office: on your computer keyboard and hiding in the fax machine, telephone handset and photocopier. In a series of three articles broadcast on BBC One's The One Show, Professor Hilton set off to find out.  Check out our YouTube channel to view the episodes, you might be surprised what he found.

In 2010 Anthony was involved in an innovative project sponsored by the Society for General Microbiology which sought to engage the public in the implications of MRSA infection told through the medium of a short play supported by a panel of microbiology experts.


People tend to have a generally negative perception of the relationship between microbes and food. In 2011 Anthony hosted a banquet meal to challenge this assumption where everything on the menu was as a result of the beneficial role microbes play either as a direct source of food or in the biological transformation brought about by fermentation. You can check out the full menu here and additional information about microbes and food here.  You can watch the sessions here.

Anthony has also been involved with other microbiology projects of general interest to the public including a study of bacteria found in cars, on mobile phones, on the hands and under the fingernails. In recognition of his contribution to the public understanding of microbiology he received the 2009 Society for Applied Microbiology Communication Award and the Aston Excellence Award for outstanding contribution to community engagement. In September 2009 he delivered the Vincent Marks lecture at the Institute of Biomedical Science congress in Birmingham, and during 2010 he appeared at several Cafe Scientifique venues in Medway and Birmingham and also at the Cheltenham and British Science Festivals. In 2011 the Society for General Microbiology honoured Professor Hilton with the Peter Wildy award for outstanding contribution to microbiology education.  At Aston University Anthony is highly regarded as an outstanding teacher.  You can watch an interview on the motivation behind his teaching here.

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